High School Without Seniors

May 23, 2018 • student life

Weld Central High School seniors have graduated this May on the 20th, in the year 2018. Many graduated with scholarships and great GPAs. Onto greater things, after completing a milestone. The only thing the seniors left behind was their empty spaces here at Weld Central. Empty desks, lunch tables, and empty classrooms. Teachers and staff… Read More ›

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Featuring a story created by Hugo Delgado. Inspired by past movies and tales that he has heard. “Mateo DelSantos, please come forth to receive your award.”. Mateo comes up to the stage to receive his Atlas Medal of honor for stopping a terrorist attack releasing a disease on the world(fist targeting the U.S.A). “We the people that… Read More ›

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College Football Championship


Alabama vs. Georgia   On Monday 8, 2018 the two best college football teams faced each other in the national college championship in the new Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta Georgia. After an exciting college football season, the final two teams remain. The Georgia Bulldogs took on Oklahoma in a double-overtime battle and overcame a… Read More ›

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